August 30, 2016

Executive Message


“We invite you to consider UHI Worldwide for your next project requiring a versatile heating solution.”

We provide a solid financial foundation for our diverse companies, top-notch training for our workforce, and we deliver dependable service to our clients and distributors.

We are an ambitious group of companies offering a sea of expertise and a global portfolio of industry standard projects. We bring an innovative approach to OEM projects with strict requirements and follow through on every phase.

We welcome companies into UHI Worldwide that are highly successful in their respective market and most importantly these companies fit the UHI Worldwide culture. Our collective commitment to our clients, people and the environment set us above and apart from our competitors. We offer quality versatile heating products and OEM heating solution research, development, and manufacturing services.

Sustaining the talent within our workforce is important to us. We believe the individual efforts of our employees uniting as a team make UHI Worldwide a great place to work and achieve. UHI Worldwide is a company that employees want to associate with until retirement, and we make sure to invest in their development for proficiency in the industries we serve.

Donna Temple, Owner & President