Elkhart, Indiana manufacturer heating up the UK

UHI Worldwide announced its first UK wholesale stockiest (distributor) on it's Facebook page last week. The post read "Just to update, we just made our first shipment of UltraHeat products to More »

We take on one of man’s natural enemies.

The cold. Versatile heating solutions - bringing heat to unexpected places
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Respecting the planet

Operating in a responsible manner and being good stewards of our planet.
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Respecting our people

"Taking care of our number one resource —our people."
- Michael J. Lewis, VP
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Global reach

"We combine a small company culture with a global business reach - selling in over 20 countries worldwide".
Donna Temple, President and Owner
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Versatile heating solutions

Our unique heating solutions make mass transit safer, emergency medical responses more effective and year-round RV-ing possible.
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Discover UHI Worldwide the niche versatile heating solutions manufacturer for industries across the globe.

American Products. American Values.A look at UHI Worldwide from behind the scenesUHI Worldwide Providing Niche Thaw Solutions Across the globe

UHI Worldwide products are all made in the United States of America. We are proud of our American heritage and committed to American economic progress as we conduct business around the world.

Explore Solutions UHI Brings To Industries Around The World. 



Niche OEM Heating Solutions.UHI Worldwide - Versatile Heat solutionsUHI_Worldwide_LegWarmer_Fire_Safe_Cozy_Personal_and_Office_Space_Heater_USA

UHI Worldwide is best known for its RV Industry Standard UltraHeat products, however, its core strength it is the ability to fullfill the warming and dethawing needs of multiple industries.

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 Go Green with UHI. Grow Green Worldwide.



UHI Worldwide Safety and Sustainability Lead OperationsAt UHI Worldwide we recognize that our success is deeply tying to our commitment to enhancing the quality of life of our people via environmentally-friendly lean practices, and workplace safety programs tied to compensation.


Find out about our company history and the values that drive our business success. UHI Worldwide leads the world in solving difficult heating challenges.


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